A hair brush is a girl’s best companion. Whether it is a regular day at office or a night out at a club, a hair brush would always find its place in the purse of the lady. Wizer’s state of the art PRO hair brushes come in various shapes and sizes to suit your requirements. The soft nylon bristles penetrate the hair while brushing and make each hair stand out and shine. These brushes are also perfect for professional salon use for blow-drying or styling of hair.

  1. C-Grip Flat Hair Brush

    C-Grip Flat Hair Brush

    This flat paddle brush is a must for long, straight hair. It is made of strong carbon material and has a matt powder coated finish. It is slightly curved and has heat resistant bristles. The soft cushioned rubber handle aids in tight gripping and better handling. Read More

  2. Curvy Handbag Brush

    Curvy Handbag Brush

    Our Curvy Handbag Brush is the ultimate grooming tool as its finest, premium-grade bristles are gentle to the hair and scalp & exfoliates the scalp, stimulating circulation to the hair follicles. Read More

  3. Cushioned Steel Finish Brush (S)

    Cushioned Steel Finish Brush (S)

    Wizer's Cushioned Steel Finish Brush is extremely compact to carry & ideal for grooming, straightening, smoothing and adding shine to your hair. It easily penetrate the hair and stimulates, massage the scalp and also helps to reduce snags and tangles. Read More

  4. Cushioned Steel Finished Brush (L)

    Cushioned Steel Finished Brush (L)

    Cushioned Steel Finish brush Original brushes have steel finish bristles with rubberized moisture-resistant cushion base, & premium lacquer finish body which makes it more sturdy as well as comfortable to use. Suitable for all types of hair. Read More

  5. Designer Detangling Hair Brush

    Designer Detangling Hair Brush

    Wizer's Designer Detangling Hair Brush is designed to gently de-tangle your hair in seconds. It provides extremely smooth & virtually pain free brushing experience as it requires reduced pressure & fewer strokes to detangle your Hair. Read More

  6. Designer Freeflow Brush

    Designer Freeflow Brush

    Wizer's Designer Freeflow brushes are trendy to go with your style and are extremely soft on the hair with a strong grip. It's wide spaced bristles penetrate even the thickest hair types. Read More

  7. Designer Silk Radial Brush

    Designer Silk Radial Brush

    Wizer's Designer Silk Radial Brush is Perfect for smoothing, Curling and adding volume on short to medium length hair. Ideal for thin, fine or coloured hair. Read More



    Wizer’s detanglish brush is an everyday use brush for all types of hair. It can be used on dry hair or even wet hair for detangling. It’s designed for smooth and easy brushing. The nylon tipped bristles are very soft on scalp. These rounded tips don’t let any damage happen to the hair or the scalp while brushing. This handy brush is available in attractive colour. Read More

  9. Frizz Therapy Paddle Brush

    Frizz Therapy Paddle Brush

    Wizer's Frizz Therapy Paddle Brush dramatically diminishes frizz when used with our Range of Hair Straighteners. It is Perfect for sleek & straight styles. Read More

  10. GoldEN Paddle Hair Brush

    GoldEN Paddle Hair Brush

    The gold paddle brush is a must have brush for every styling need. Detangle, smoothen, tame and blow-dry with this multi-purpose flat brush. The large size helps in handling medium to long hair. Use the paddle brush to detangle longer lengths without generating static; create straight-and sleek blow-dries; smooth hair into ponytails and trendy updos.

    Styling Tip:

    For a quick and sleek blow-dry, blast dry hair until 80% dry. Brush hair from root to tip using swift strokes while following the direction of your brush with your hairdryer. Ensure your dryer’s nozzle is on to concentrate the air flow.

    Read More

  11. Matte Grip Grooming Brush

    Matte Grip Grooming Brush

    Matte Grip Grooming Brush is a styling classic for mid- to long-length hair. Made from soft nylon bristles, it grooms up your messy hair easily, owing to its design. Its matte grip makes it more comfortable to hold the brush while styling. Read More

  12. Matte Grip Styling Brush

    Matte Grip Styling Brush

    The Matte Grip Styling Brush is meant to be used for women, men and children, both on wet and dry hair. With a coated non slip handle, it feels great to style the hair with utmost comfort. Its wider cushioned base allows maximum Styling with lesser strokes. Read More

  13. Oval Dressing Brush

    Oval Dressing Brush

    Oval shaped with soft bristles, this Wizer's dressing brush can be regularly used for grooming mid to long length hair. The bristles help to distribute the hair's natural conditioning oils along the hair shaft, adding shine and luster as you brush. Read More

  14. Oval Golden Appeal Brush

    Oval Golden Appeal Brush

    This Oval Golden Appeal Brush holds 100 percent boar bristles, which catch and hold hair for easy styling and straightening of your strands. Read More

  15. Oval Matte Finish Brush

    Oval Matte Finish Brush

    Forget about yanking your brush through stubborn knots. With extremely soft bristles that flex around tangles and gently massage your scalp, Wizer's Oval Matte Finish Brush is a must-have for people who know what it's like to engage in epic hair battles in front of the mirror. Read More

  16. Oval Neon Brush

    Oval Neon Brush

    Oval Neon Hair Brushes are great for taming problem because it de-tangles and is great for comb outs. It minimizes the breakage and spilt ends while promoting healthy & strong hair. The bristles on this brush make it very gentle on the scalp. Read More

  17. Premium Paddle Brush

    Premium Paddle Brush

    Gift yourself with an exotic Hair Care experience-with Wizer's Premium Paddle Brush. It adds volume and smoothen the hair shaft with a royal touch. Suitable for all hair length. Read More

  18. Quick Volume Styler Round Brush

    Quick Volume Styler Round Brush

    Wizer's Quick Volume Styler Round Brush is ideal for styling short to medium hair, the narrow round design creates gorgeous, speedy blow-outs. Read More

  19. Round Grip Travel Brush

    Round Grip Travel Brush

    Round Grip Travel Brush is your best Travel Companion as it makes it extremely easier for you to manage your unmanageable hair on the go. Read More

  20. Salon Performance Vent Brush

    Salon Performance Vent Brush

    The soft, flexible bristles on this Salon Performance hair brush gently style and shape your hair. The rounded ends protect your hair and scalp from damage. Read More

  21. Signature Freeflow Oval Brush

    Signature Freeflow Oval Brush

    Signature Freeflow Oval Brush is designed to let your Hair freely flow with every stroke. It's cushioned bristles gives you that extra comfort that you always look forward to, while drying & brushing your Hair. Read More

  22. Soft Bristle Matte Grip Brush

    Soft Bristle Matte Grip Brush

    With this Soft Bristle Matte Grip Brush, give yourself those curls you have always wanted. Style your hair with defined curls or just loose soft ones to give your hair some volume. This premium brush suits both men and women & comes with soft bristles that polish each strand of your Hair. Read More

  23. Steel Bristles Compact Brush

    Steel Bristles Compact Brush

    This Wizer Steel Bristle Compact brush is your perfect companion as it's small enough to carry and it de-tangles even the frizzy hair smoothly, owing to it's padded steel bristles and rounded tips. It's designed for smooth and easy brushing. Read More

  24. Thermal Roller Brushes

    Thermal Roller Brushes

    Wizer’s roller brushes combine 100% genuine tourmaline infused bristles with light weight ceramic barrel for truly remarkable static free finish. With their unparalleled ionic action, tourmaline will bring out hair’s most lustrous shine while retaining the heat. Ceramic barrel will help dry hair faster. Its available in five sizes for maximum styling versatility. Read More

  25. Wooden Grip Grooming Brush

    Wooden Grip Grooming Brush

    The Wooden Grip Grooming Brush works the best at de-tangling your hair, so you can style it whichever way you’d like it. This flat brush suits both men and women as it can tame even frizzy hair leaving it look polished and shiny. Read More

  26. Wooden Grip Paddle Brush

    Wooden Grip Paddle Brush

    Our wooden grip paddle brush is a premium segment brush with a large cushioned base & soft bristles that easily penetrates the hair, stimulates and massages the scalp from the roots to it's ends for the maintenance of healthy and beautiful hair. Read More

  27. Wooden Round Brush

    Wooden Round Brush

    This wooden rounders feature the finest wood and natural bristles, hand selected and graded. These have the best quality and workmanship one can buy. These are ideal for styling of hair and retain the heat of the dryer while styling. Read More

  28. Wooden Salon Performance Oval Brush

    Wooden Salon Performance Oval Brush

    A well made hair brush can last you a lifetime. Wizer's Wooden Salon Performance Oval Hair Brush can tame the thickest hair professionally while distributing your natural hair oils. Putting time aside each day to pamper yourself using a fine Hairbrush can add relaxation to a hectic day. Read More

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